Developed to meet the unique staffing needs of the healthcare industry, ADEX Medical Staffing, LLC is the solution that works for both healthcare professionals and medical facilities —one where everybody wins. At ADEX Medical Staffing, LLC we specialize in attracting the world's best nurses for long term assignments nationwide.

We've built our reputation by providing our employees and clients with unsurpassed service.

The ADEX Medical Staffing management team averages over 22 years of experience in healthcare management and staffing, most with extensive clinical experience as Nurses. With this combination of managerial experience and clinical expertise, ADEX personnel understand what professionals and clients want and need when making the perfect employment match.

Our Mission:

To provide U.S. hospitals and health systems with highly skilled and educated International RNs for long-term contracts.

Our History:

  • 1993: ADEX Corporation established to meet the project of the telecommunications industry through the ADEX Telecom operating unit.
  • 2003: ADEX Medical Staffing established to meet the growing staffing demands of the healthcare industry by recruiting top talent, both domestically and internationally.
  • 2007: ADEX named in Inc. Magazine's "Inc 500" list of fastest-growing private companies in America.
  • 2009: ADEX Medical Staffing receives Joint Commission certification.

Experience and Capabilities

The ADEX team averages over 25 years of experience in the nurse staffing industry. Our highly selective International R.N. Recruitment Team is adding highly skilled nursing professionals to our pipeline on an ongoing basis.

Clinical Practice Areas Served:

  • Critical Care (CCU, MICU, SICU, CVICU, PICU, NICU)
  • Emergency Room, Emergency Hold, Trauma ER
  • Perioperative Services - OR (Scrub/Circulate), SDS, PACU
  • Telemetry, Step-Down, PCU
  • Medical Surgical - Adult and Pediatrics
  • Hemodialysis - Acutes and Chronic
  • CathLab, EP, and IR
  • Mother/Baby
  • Sub Acute, Rehab, LTC, LTAC, Ambulatory, Clinic

The ADEX Difference


The current and growing shortage of experienced RNs, in the United States, has led to a liberalization of the immigration policies concerning the granting of green card visas (permanent status resident) to qualified RNs.

ADEX Medical Staffing promises the nurses we accept into our program legitimate sponsorship and job placement. This process can take between 12 and 18 months. It is not immediate gratification some nurses desire, but it leads to a permanent career in the U.S. healthcare environment.

Staffing Company Vs. Staffing Agency in International Recruitment

ADEX is a staffing company, not a staffing agency. The staffing company model provides support and partnership to both our nurses and our clients.

A staffing agency places a nurse at a hospital for a one-time fee and leaves the nurse to fend for themselves in both the hospital and in the community. This "drop and run " model deprives the nurse of the support structure that he or she needs to be successful as a new immigrant to the U.S.

As a staffing company, ADEX is the direct Green Card sponsor and employer of record. We are the support system for each international nurse during their first thirty months in the United States. As the employer and sponsor, each nurse signs a fifty-two hundred hour contract with ADEX. The nurses work for ADEX on assignment over the first fifty-two hundred hours and work at a single US hospital for the entire duration of their contract. This fosters a long term relationship with the hospital, creating high retention and low turnover. We remain closely aligned with both the nurse and the hospital during this thirty month period. ADEX is responsible for each nurse's individual acculturation, on-going quality evaluations, continued education, conflict resolution with co-workers or hospital administration and on-going clinical and personal support

Fees and Expenses

Unlike other international recruitment companies, ADEX does not charge the nurse anything. We pay for all costs associated with NCLEX training, NCLEX testing, legal fees, attorney fees, immigration fees, U.S. licensure, airfare to the U.S., first month's housing, and a stipend upon landing in the U.S. Relieving the nurse of all sponsorship/immigration details, licensing, arrival orientation protocol. This allows them to fully concentrate on delivering outstanding patient care.

The Recruitment Process

All international recruiting is performed on site by ADEX staff in Philippines, India, China, and foreign ex-patriots residing in the Middle East, I.E. KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qarter. We DO NOT use 3rd party intermediaries that recruit and pass along lists of RNs to U.S. staffing companies; many other agencies recruit in this manner. Through face to face screening, ADEX is able to refine our search activity and select the best of the best.

Our current Registered Nurse pipeline is the result of numerous personal face to face interviews. We only accept roughly 30% of nurses that we interview into the ADEX program.

Screening and Credentialing

In order to ensure that our nurses deliver the highest quality patient care, we do not recruit from 3rd parties such as job banks, the internet, or agents. We maintain offices in the Middle East (UAE and Kuwait), and Manila. These offices coordinate the screening and credentialing through face to face meetings with our U.S. staff who frequently travel abroad to recruit. This highly interactive interview process allows us to more efficiently screen for the depth and breadth of their clinical skills as well as interpersonal skills, critical thinking, problem solving, stress management, and communication skills.

Below are typical statistics relating to the attrition rate of nurses during the recruitment process.

Attrition Rates

Stage 1 Job Fair Recruiting Identified 100 Candidates
Stage 2 After first face to face interview 65% Attrition
Stage 3 After clinical assessment along with
U.S. credential predictor
2% Attrition

End Result: Out of every 100 candidates selected, 70% do not make it to the end of the process leaving ADEX with a talent pool of 30% who are highly skilled and culturally proficient foreign educated nurses. This stringent process of elimination allows ADEX Medical Staffing to ensure that our nurses meet or exceed our standards and our clients expectations. During the legthy retrogression wait time, ADEX builds and maintains relationships with RNs that are hghly skilled clinically and highly motivated to come to the U.S.

ADEX works with each state's Board of Nursing (BON) to expedite the issuance of individual state licensure. Documentation provided includes but not limited to:

  1. Each RN's nursing education and its curriculum are accredited by the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS).
  2. The RN's transcript from the school is authenticated and indicates the nurse has attended and passed all required courses. This is also confirmed by CGFNS.
    • Note:The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS)is a private company exlusively retained by all BONs to perform these functions.
  3. Nurses have passed IELTS - a test for proficiency in verbal, written, and oral English.
  4. Nurses have passed NCLEX and advanced English language proficiency.

In addition to the basic BON criteria, AMS overlays other attributes necessary to enter our program;
Clinical Quality - the essence of our direct face to face recruitment in countries with stringent clinical assessment is personally completed by AMS clinical staff. This insures nurses adaptation to U.S. clinical practices within a short period of time, eliminating a long period of preceptorship. We recruit nurses that display compassion, dedication, and a strong work ethic.

ADEX employs a meticulous and highly interactive evaluation process to determine a candidate's eligibility for our immigration and emplyoment program; these steps are as follows:

  1. In depth, face to face interviews with ADEX clinical and human resource leadership.
    Areas emphasized include but are not limited to:
    • Credentialing including education, licensing, and experience.
    • English language and communication skills
    • Adaptability
    • Compassionate personality and positive attitude
    • Ethical charater
    • Team spirit
    • Tenacity to endure the length of the process.
    • Independent thinker, pro-active nature
    • Stability
  2. Clinical Skype and telephonic interviews are conducted by ADEX's Senior Management and CNO.
    Areas of evaluation include but are not limited to:
    • Confirmation of clinical acumen and skill level
    • Verification of a minimum of two years expereince in their clinical specialty
    • Critical thinking
    • Problem solving
    • Individual career objectives
    • Hospital size and location
    • Special circumstances that need to be considered
    • Resignation policy of current employees
    • Ideal clinical setting and geographic location for each candidate.

ADEX International R.N. Staffing Success Stories

Many of our nurses have achieved exceptional growth and professional success thereby, benefiting their career, ADEX, and our client hospitals!

Here are some of our International "Super Star" R.N. success stories:

  1. P.S.: In Pedicatrics in Washington, D.C., P.S. was able to achieve the trusted level of Preceptor within 18 months, and 2 years later he is a "Train the Trainer" for Nurse Preceptors.
  2. L.M.: & K.T.: While working in Costa Mesa, CA, they held MedSurg and Psych R.N. positions. Through a collaborative effort by th hospital slinical staff, ADEX, and the drive of these nurses, they are now highly skilled NICU RNs.
  3. J.B.: Initially J.B. was hired for a MedSurg position. Within 12 months, she became an ICU RN and is now a MedSurg Charge nurse in Ontario, CA.
  4. V.A.: Working with the guidance of our client and support of ADEX, V.A. was able to become an OR RN, without previous OR experience, within 12 month!
  5. J.A.: came to ADEX as a MedSurg/Tele RN, after 30 months of training she is now effectively facilitating the needs of the UCLA Research Center.
  6. M.A.: started as a MedSurg RN and withing 24 months, is working as an ER RN in a Level I Trauma Center!
  7. J.A.: a pediatric RN has been promoted to a pediatric nurse supervisor position; J.A. was voted "Nurse of the Year 2010" by her peers.
  8. E.C.: was promoted to PICU supervisor after one year!
  9. N.R.: rotates between ER, ICU & Stepdown at a CA hospital!
  10. W.U.: works full time on PEDS< PICU & NICU unites; addionally she is attending classes to become an NP!

80% of our nurses convert to full-time staff position with the hospital where they complete their contract!