International Nurses

Everybody knows that there is a shortage of skilled RNs in the United States. So you want to go where you can make the most of your skills and experience. We’re medical professionals too, so we deliver exactly what you, as a talented nurse, expect and deserve.

Our Mission

To empower and enable qualified international nurses to emigrate to the US and work to achieve maximum professional advancement.

Why Choose ADEX Medical Staffing?

Our real priority is you — the professional. When you join ADEX Medical Staffing, LLC, you become part of our team. Our professional knowledge of U.S. immigration procedures ensures minimum processing time. All U.S. Government Immigration issues are dealt with at no cost to you. In addition, our goal is to become a “family” for you while you’re away from home. We will help you manage and develop your career in the US. As your skills grow, so will your pay, benefits and opportunities to advance.

When you join ADEX Medical Staffing, LLC, you’re joining a team dedicated to your continuous support while emigrating to and living in the United States. Here’s what we’re doing right now for our international nurses seeking placement in the US:

  • No middlemen or agent charges. We work directly with you.
  • No red tape. We manage the bureaucracy.
  • We train and prepare you.
  • We provide permanent jobs at top American hospitals.
  • We get the green cards.
  • All at no cost to you!

ADEX Medical Staffing, LLC is not a third-party representative or agent. This means we recruit and work directly with you to manage your job placement. We have the ability and resources that best complements your professional background.

Setting the Standard

ADEX is setting the standard for identifying, training, and employing highly qualified and experienced foreign-trained nurses in United States healthcare facilities.  We accomplish this through:

  • In-depth skill, language, and background screening on all candidates.
  • Customized nurse training and orientation programs
  • Supplemental cultural assimilation and language skills training as needed
  • License processing and administration
  • Green Card sponsorship
  • One-on-one nurse mentorship program
  • Successful employment record with multiple industry-best U.S. healthcare facilities.
  • Value-added service and quality for both nurses and healthcare facilities.

Orientation Program

Our proven orientation program is designed to provide each candidate with the comfort and knowledge to hit the ground running their first day of work in the United States. The core curriculum focuses on:

  • Clinical nursing issues
  • Safety and risk issues
  • Accreditation
  • Federal and State regulations
  • Legal issues
  • Career advancement
  • Cultural adaptation and U.S. lifestyle
  • Mentoring for the first six months of employment.


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